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FoL polo shirt

From: 4500 HUF

Fruit of the Loom polo shirt – for children too!

Print high quality, affordable, Fruit of the Loom polo shirts in children’s sizes – kids also need a little sporty elegance sometimes!

The polo shirt offers both comfort and a slightly formal look all in one. A long-sleeved shirt is not really that comfortable for children to wear so the polo is especially good for fancy occasions or when a smarter look is needed. If a unique look is the goal, you can’t beat a polo shirt with a collar and pattern chosen by the child!

Our polo shirts are made from pique material, with a traditional cut and with three buttons of the same color under the collar. They are made of 100% cotton Belcoro yarn. The material is thick (180g/m2 and 170g /m2 in white). Wash them at a maximum temperature of 30°C for durability!

If you would like to print Fruit of the Loom polo shirts for your child, order from our web store with just a few clicks!

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