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Mouse pad

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Mouse pad – an everyday but nevertheless useful accessory!

High quality mouse pad printing at an affordable price – any photo, literally at your fingertips!

If you have tried to use a mouse on a smooth surface, you know that although a hardly noticed accessory, the mouse pad is essential for using a computer. If you provide us with a unique photo or logo, it makes a perfect gift or promotional material!

Our mouse pad is a durable, rubber, textile-covered, piece. The dimensions are the standard 22×18 centimetres. The minimum size of the printed image on it is 22.5 x 18.5 centimeters, but of course it can be larger. The quality of the mouse pad print is excellent, wear-resistant, and can be practically anything that you can imagine. You can also choose from our own graphics.

If you would like the unique accessory or gift of a printed mouse pad, order from our web store with just a few clicks!

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